State of the Podcast 2014

BradtheNomadCover1A brief summation of what I’ve accomplished in 2014, and what I hope to do in 2015.

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Perspectives: Comes the Inspector

A couple listeners and Facebook friends have asked me to do posts as well. No real schedule to these, I’ll write something up when I have the urge and time.

The face of evil for many a visitor.

As I described in my fourth podcast episode on the history and operation of the Prague Metro, many transit systems in Europe operate on an honor system. There are no turnstiles or barriers when entering the Prague system, but you are expected to pay for using the system. With this in mind, Prague’s transit system has its own pseudo-police force employed on the various trains, trams and buses snaking through the city. If they have an official name or title, I don’t know it yet, but I’ve commonly seen them referred to as “inspectors.” Continue reading

Brad the Nomad – Episode 4 – Prague Metro


Prague’s metro doesn’t have the scale, operating hours or filth of New York’s, but it gets people where they need to go. It’s fast, efficient, clean, and works for the city it serves. On this episode, learn about the circulatory system that keeps Prague alive, and how it’s overcome various disasters including massive flooding and communism.

Also: Hear about Europe’s longest escalator and how Prague deals with fare jumpers!

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Brad the Nomad – Episode 3 – First Impressions of Prague


After two weeks, I’m finally ready (and able) to give a brief accounting of my initial reactions to Prague, life in the Czech Republic, and teaching English as a job.  As a result of the rawness, this episode is off the cuff and me talking off my head.  Take a listen through 20+ minutes of reminiscing on toilets, showers, ticket checkers, visas and the like with ums and uhs sprinkled for flavor.  A more polished ep on a topic TBA will follow once things settle down.

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